Thursday, September 1, 2016

Brian Simmons disqualifies himself and his version of the Bible

first, HT to spirit of error.

There is completely flakey (Colin Kaepernick), then there is this. And, yes, it is worse then what the NFL QB did.

Brian Simmons is the main person behind The Passion, a new and very questionable remodeling of the Bible. His description of his supposed commissioning to make this mutation of the Bible is bad enough, all the talk about getting downloads so he could do it.

But then he talks about visiting a library in Heaven. No, I'm not making that up, he really is claiming it. He claims that Jesus brought him to this large library, so that he could take any two books that he wanted.

So, he picks his two books, don't know how or why, but then he claims to have seen another, very interesting and, dare I say, telling book. In fact, he makes such a big to-do about this book, about what could happen if he were to somehow bring this book back to earth, that one wonders why he didn't simply ask to exchange one of the clearly less-important books he had with him, or else why didn't Jesus point out this oh-so-important book to him right at the first. But Jesus wouldn't let him take it, he wasn't ready for it for some reason, so all those good things that would supposedly come about if Simmons had been given this book are just gonna have to wait until Simmons is ready.

This oh-so-important books was John 22. Yes, an extra chapter to the Gospel of John.

Yep, if we take Simmons' vision as gospel truth, then the gospel truth is that the Gospel of John wasn't really finished. The canon of scripture is incomplete, God's been holding out on us, and more then that, Jesus even holds this book out as a tease for us.

Of course, though Simmons didn't read this book and has no idea what this nonexistent book says, far be it from him to let non-existence keep him from filling in the non-existent blanks or reading between the non-existent lines. He goes on about a supposed John 22 generation who will do the kinds of greater works that Jesus told his disciples 2000 years ago that they would do, and that they did.

At one point towards the end, he tries to say that Scripture is a "sealed book", even as he is himself clearly saying that there is something missing from the Gospel of John.

I can't even call this lunacy. This is Satanic. Simmons did not visit the library of Heaven, he did not talk to Jesus, and Jesus did not show him a missing chapter from the Bible. That was clearly a Satanic vision.

Brian Simmons has disqualified himself as a minister of God, and has shown that his work at retranslating the Bible was not a work given to him by God, but a Satanic deception he all-too-willingly went along with.

Edit note: The video I first linked to has been taken down, but here is another video of this interview.

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