Friday, August 26, 2016

WITITB? excerpt

Well, this blog is suppose to be about books, right? So, let's do this.

WITITB?: Christianized Superstitions, Hyperspiritual Activities, and Spiritualized Busywork

"It could be considered a sure sign of decadence when we try to make prayer into a way of getting the good life, when we get chastised because we don't dream big enough to inspire God to act. We live in a world where many Christians live under various kinds of suppressions and persecutions, where Christians in North Korea live in inhumane conditions in state prisons in which they suffer physical tortures and even starvation, where many countries restrict churches' abilities to meet and spread the Gospel. You need only look up places like Voice of the Martyrs to see numerous examples of the ways believers in other parts of the world suffer.

"Yet far too many of our “pastors” seem more concerned that we should “have God-sized dreams”, whatever those might be, and to be more concerned with having a life of adventure and fulfillment. All of it dressed up in Christian-like language, of course. You getting your dream job is justified if it can be called “spreading the kingdom”."
(Kindle Locations 106-112). 

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