Monday, August 29, 2016

new book: At the Seven Mountains of Madness

"As a young man, Rayton Stanford learns that he has a powerful gift, something the apostles and prophets call an anointing. He becomes a part of a group called 7M, and is taught and encouraged in ways of conquering the seven mountains of society for Christ, and to put his trust in the leadership of the apostles and the prophets. But when he learns that the apostles and prophets and faith healers practice deception and engage in secret corruption practices, his world is turned upside down, and he struggles to determine the truth and how he is to respond to the truth."

Few popular teachings in the church today seem more at odds with Scripture then forms of dominionism, including Seven Mountains dominionism. Dress it up in christianese as much as you want, but the idea of the church needing to somehow take over the world not only has no sound support in the Bible, but is contradicted by much of what the Bible says about the state of things in the world, particularly about how things will be in the end.

This story is about the madness of this dominionist vision, and the lies and hypocrisies practiced by those who call themselves apostles and prophets and faith healers.

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